Summary in English

This is a Summery of Leader Västra Småland and our strategy of development. Welcome to contact us if your Local Action Group wish to cooperate in a transnational project or just want to expand your network.

Leader West Småland includes the municipalities Gislaved, Gnosjö, Vaggeryd
and parts of Jönköping. The area is mainly regarded as countryside, with a
population of approximately 85000 people.
The area is well known for its abundance of small companies, mainly in the
manufacturing, forestry, and agriculture industries. However there is some
concern that structural changes have led to an increase in competition and rising
unemployment, coupled with an increase in immigration which has led to more
Many people are moving away from the area taking their skills with them. There
is little variation of business in the area and there is a need to expand, thus
creating new trades and the need for competent employees.
The environment and infra­structure is rapidly changing, creating a big concern
amongst young people about the future of the area. Leader West Småland is
working towards making the area more attractive, especially for youths and
people from other cultures, and all who are interested in the rural development of
the area.
Leader West Småland is focusing on four main areas: Environment &
Infrastructure, Entrepreneurship, Integration, and Culture.
Leader West Småland is contributing to increasing the knowledge about how to
meet the future and how to manage resources whilst taking good care of the
natural environment, thus maintaining a sustainable development of the area. This
knowledge will encourage young people and people from other countries and
cultures to settle here, leading to an increase in Local production,
Entrepreneurship, the creation of new businesses and opportunities for
employment, the creation and development of our culture and the preservation of
our history.
The Local Action Group, (LAG) has a central and important role, to see that all
approved projects follow the strategy set by Local, Regional, National and
European goals. LAG is also responsible to ensure that projects are fairly and
professionally assessed and to ensure that all project members are properly
instructed under the project period. All the members of LAG will receive
adequate and continuous education.
Translation by Gordon Cook